Outfit of the Day #4

Excuse the awkward centering of these pictures. Matthew’s 3 year old daughter took them for me.. I’d say she did pretty great!


This dress/sweater/scarf/leggings/boots IS an outfit I would normally wear. BUT, I added the belt last minute. I think it worked because I got 3 compliments on my outfit, and usually I get 0.

I would like to mention that the dress is from Wal-Mart. My mom gave it to me for my birthday in November. I didn’t know it was from Wal-Mart until way after the fact. I was shocked, since the fabric and quality are similar to some Calvin Klein dresses I own. Crazy, right? Who woulda thought. Since receiving it, I’ve worn it to Christmas Eve services, a wedding, and now to work! I also have it in blue.

Boots: Steve Madden (old) similar // Earrings: Monica’s Closet Essentials // Dress: Wal-Mart similar // Leggings: Target similar // Scarf: Gifted similar // Belt: No idea.. My guess is Old Navy // Cardigan: JCPenney’s (old – similar)

How’d I do? Leave me a comment and let me know!



Outfit of the Day #3

Alright, this is a weekend outfit. It is my typical “uniform” for when I want to look cute. Earrings, baggy shirt, skinny jeans, boots, and a scarf. I’d say a scarf is my signature item. I wear one >50% of the time. They are just so easy to throw on. They tie together an outfit, cover up my stomach when I feel bloated and fat, and are cozy. Triple win.

photo 2– Pants: Express. I’m obsessed with these pants. They are technically jeggings, and I would own 100 pairs if I could. They are comfy and my butt looks hot in them. I couldn’t find the exact pair on the Express website anymore, but this link takes you to a page with all their jeggings. They’re seriously the best!

– Top & Scarf: They’re old old. Sorry.
– Boots: Steve Madden Ladyhawk
Earrings: An adorable online boutique called Monica’s Closet Essentials. Everything in her shop is ridiculously cute and she ships quickly.
– Nail polish: OPI Glitzerland

I know these are not the best outfit pics, but.. give me some credit. I’m taking them on my iPhone by myself. Once I clean my love letter from the mirror, I can take full outfit shots again.


Tip to Make Monday Suck Less

I love coffee. It’s not really optional for me to feel differently.

My parents exclusively drink Starbucks coffee. My best friend in high school worked at Starbucks (meaning I got unlimited coffee beverages when she was working). I had the CUTEST coffee shop within walking distance of my college house. (love you, Cool Beanz).

MMMM. Just thinking about it all makes me warm and happy inside.

Recently, I was tipped off to this DELICIOUS tip to make my morning brew a little better. I didn’t know if that would be possible, but, it was!

The tip: Add some cinnamon to the top of the coffee grounds before you brew!

That’s it! It’s so yummy and makes the coffee smell even better. I like to mix in French Vanilla creamer afterwards.

Em’s Wedding!

Matt, Me, Em, Kenny

Matt, Me, Em, Kenny

Emily is just a cute girl. See her blog here.

We were the best of besties in Jr. High and High School. Even though she lives in Chicago and I don’t, we still text and chat frequently. So many (almost all) of my memories from adolescence are with her by my side. I mean, we’re talking first alcohol experience (my idea. oops), sneaking boys into her basement (that damn snow gave us away), late night swimming in her pool, the ongoing sparkly blue dress vs. ugly hair buns debate, having a planned outfit swap day (we were cool), going on SO many trips – Wisconsin Dells, Disney World, NYC. I could go on forever. The point is, I love her a lot.

A typical Saturday afternoon for the two of us consisted of going to Barnes n Noble and reading wedding magazines. When we were 16. Whatever, it’s fine.

Sooo, when she asked me to be her bridesmaid…


…I couldn’t help but get super duper excited! (Obviously I said YES!!)

This will be the first friend I am a bridesmaid for and I could not be more excited.

Thanks, Em!

P.S. My dress is going to be super sparkly, we’re having a bridesmaids & bride sleepover in a hotel suite the night before the wedding, getting our makeup and hair done in the suite, and pretty much it’s going to be all of our, um I mean her, dreams come true – but better!

Outfit of the Day #2

This is another basic outfit. I wore this to church.


It’s kind of a big deal to me that I went to church.. I moved to this town in July for my job, which is actually still a 50 minute commute one way. I know. I listen to a lot of books on CD.

Fortunately, my boyfriend, his family, and his friends all live in this town. And while I love all 3 groups of those people, I need my own friends, too.

I’ve been going to yoga once or twice a week, but.. it’s kind of hard to make friends with someone while you’re bending over with your ass in the air doing downward dog. I mean, it might be easy if you’re a certain kind of person. But, ahem, I think it’s awkward. Plus all the people in the class are old.

SO, to church I went. I’m not a very religious person (weird, considering my mom is a Methodist pastor), but my life has always been centered around a church and church family, which is the part I love. I have felt lighter and refreshed since going. There were a lot of younger people in the congregation.. and… I think I’m going to go back!

Outfit details:
– cardigan: Old Navy
– pants: Calvin Klein (but I got them at TJMaxx)
– top: Express (I am obsessed with this shirt and it goes with everything for every situation)
necklace: Etsy shop: Edor
 boots: Steve Madden Ladyhawk Black Leather

What do you think? Any tips on making new friends in a small town? I’m thinking of getting a summer job?


Date with Dad!

Since I was off work yesterday, I invited my dad out to sushi. Yum.

We chatted over a nice long lunch. Well, mainly I spilled all my problems and my dad, ever so patient and level-headed, listened. Then he let me explain why I really wish I had been born a Kardashian. And, he didn’t even make fun of me (to my face).

He also:
– helped me figure out where to buy 100 chopsticks (long story)
– filled my slowly deflating tire with air
– gave me some goodies from my mom.

Thanks for the company, Dad! You’re the best. 🙂



It’s Basically Summer

This winter, I have found myself more than ever, craving summer.


My summer “to-do” list (Yes, it is an official list. Yes, it is typed on my phone’s notes app). So far, it includes:

1. Wake up early and take long walks with this precious girl.


She’s so tiny here.. She’s gotten much bigger since last summer (and stronger!) She still never gets tired before me, though.

2. Go to all the outdoor concerts I can. I WILL be going to: the Sangamon County Fair, Morgan County Fair, IL State Fair, and Concert in the Corn. Even if I am dancing by myself. And, I’m giving in and getting cowboy boots to wear to all the shows. P.S. My boyfriend and local bestie hate country music. So if you wanna go with me, you can be my summer concert buddy!


at Miranda Lambert last summer

3. Laying out.

sweet sunshine :)

sweet sunshine 🙂

4. Reading trashy books. The more celeb name dropping, alcohol fueled hook-ups, the better!


5. Going to the beach!!!! Matthew and I are taking his mom, sister, cousin, and daughter to Panama City Beach. (Thanks Grandma for letting us use your time share!)


6. Transforming our backyard into a summer paradise. Matt and I have bonfires almost every weekend in the summer. He’s going to build a picnic table. I want to put up cool lights and make the fire pit look pretty.

7. Going to a Cubs roof-top game. All you can eat. All you can drink. Word.

Matt, me, Molly, Cory

Matt, me, Molly, Cory

8. Float trip! I went on 2 last year. One sucked entirely. The other was the greatest day of my life. I’d like to repeat the greatest day of my life one.

9. Putting pink strinks and/or gold tinsel in my hair. Since I’m a teacher, this would be considered unprofessional to do now. But I REALLY want to do it. Summer will be the perfect time.

10. Making ice cream. I am obsessed with ice cream and try to eat it as often as possible. How great would it be if I could make my own flavors???

What are you looking forward to?

P.S. There are only 14 weeks left until summer break starts! 13 if I don’t count Spring Break. 🙂 AND since I have tomorrow off, only 12 Mondays. It’s basically summer now.


Is there anything better than sand between your toes?

Is there anything better than sand between your toes?