Spring Break, B*tches!

Here are my spring break plans:

– Lunch date with my girl, Jennie. We will drink drinks and boy/job talk over a 2-3 hour lunch. It’ll be so great.

– Easton Corbin concert with my girl, Em. Yee-haw!

– Cook a ham. Not burn rolls. Clean my house. Stuff Easter eggs with candy. Buy Easter-y decorations. All those things BECUZ Matt & I are hosting Easter for both our fams (btw, fams self corrected to fans and I think our family can double as our fans so I almost didn’t change it back. But then I thought I should). AHHHH I’m so nervous! I’ve never cooked a ham. I’ve never hosted a holiday. I’m doing both of those things with my boyfriend. That I live with. I HATE when people my age say statements such as “I feel like such a grownup.” but, OMG I feel like SUCH a grown up.

– Develop a novel unit for How to Eat Fried Worms to start teaching after spring break.

– Watch the movie Spring Breakers.

– Finish the book Skinny Dip.

All in all, it should be splendid. And THEN I only teach 3 days next week (snow days come off the spring break at my school so my SB is just a 5 day weekend. I’ll take it.) and THEN it’s only 6 teaching weeks + 1 institute week until SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do this, people!

What are your plans? If nothing else, you should probably go buy a Cadbury Easter egg and paint your nails a cheerful color. #spring!!!!!


Puppy Love

Meet Samantha

photo copy
This is my pretty puppy! She’s a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix.

I’m so excited that the weather is (excepting the freak snow storm this last weekend) starting to get nice enough that I can take her for long walks again! I turn Pandora on my phone (Easton Corbin station!), pop my headphones in, and away we go. 2 1/2 miles is our minimum ground covered. She never gets tired before me!

picstitch copy

Long walks are synonymous with spring and summer and good times, so I am extremely happy. (I do go for runs outdoors in the winter, but they are not leisurely, and it’s not enjoyable… so yeah).

What simple things are you looking forward to adding back into your life this spring?

Outfit of the Day #9

This is a pretty simple outfit. It’s also one of those outfits that I could wear every single day, never get sick of, and always feel cute in. So there’s that.


mullet top! business in the front, party in the back. whoop whoop!


In college, one of my sorority sisters told me a funny story about how she went into the library, saw a girl wearing a cream top, assumed it was me, and did some sort of surprise attack from behind. Well, lo and behold, it wasn’t me, but it did make me realize that I wear A LOT of cream colored tops. Actually, the day I bought this shirt, I bought 3 other cream colored shirts… I mean, that’s a little ridiculous I know.. but.. I just love wearing this color!

It’s so easy to jazz up with simple accessories – i.e. leopard print flats, bright pink nail polish, and a simple gold necklace.

Just an FYI – I tend to wear this shirt all the time in the spring and summer, so just prepare yourself to see it again.

Do you have any colors that you seem to always wear? What about tops? Is there one particular shirt you find yourself reaching for whenever you feel like you have nothing else to put on? Hm. Let me know in the comments!

(Outfit details: Jeans are from TJMaxx, Top is from Charlotte Russe last year, flats are from American Eagle like 3 years ago, and nail polish is from Essie’s new spring line. It is called Madison Ave-Hue. I’m in love with it).

Let It Snow

Can we just talk about how on March 21, 2012 it was 82 degrees Fahrenheit? And how on Sunday, March 24, 2013 it was 32 degrees Fahrenheit? And SNOWING?

What the?


This is my actual backyard at around 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Since it’s been a cold winter/spring, I am counting on a much cooler summer than last year, too. But probably not.

Weekly Intent 3

Last week my weekly intent was gratitude. The week before was joy.

I did pretty good with gratitude.

I had parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday for 3 hours each night with no scheduled breaks after a full day of teaching. There was a lot of preparation beforehand. It would have been easy for me to grumble, but I tried really, really hard to remind myself that hard work and extra effort comes with having a job that is meaningful. And, that I am so darn lucky to even HAVE a job! Teaching is a very difficult field to break into in Illinois and I have my dream job (teaching 3rd grade!) so I have no right to complain about duties that go along with the territory. I should be grateful to have the opportunity. So there’s the work side of gratitude.

I also wrote Matthew a note thanking him for everything that he does for me, for our relationship, and to better himself. We would not have a successful relationship if he did not put so much effort into it. So, for him I am grateful.

I think it was a successful weekly intent. I might come back and re-visit it from time to time. Now, moving on!

This week, I am going to focus on discipline.

Lately I’ve been really lazy in the mornings – sleeping in way too late then having to rush in order to get ready on time. I love sleep, of course, but I love a relaxing and productive morning more.

And, like every other woman in the world, I need to be more disciplined with my workout regimen. I do work out regularly, but it needs to be reincorporated to my morning routine instead of being shoved off to after work or not at all.

I invite you to also choose an intent (it can be a person, thought, feeling, etc.). Leave what your intent will be in the comment section. Let’s check back in next Monday and see how we did, k?

Spring Has Sprung



I miss college! Back then, my spring days were filled with laying on the quad, parties, cooking out (well, I still do that all the time), and sorority, sorority, sorority.

The jacket above is hideous, yes. It is also the #1 most favorite and wanted item of clothing that I have ever owned. I wanted it even more than I wanted the black Douney & Bourke black leather purse I got for Christmas this year (and I wanted that purse so bad I used it as an example in the “model Santa letter” I wrote with my 3rd graders).

I haven’t worn it in like 2 years and I put it on the other day. It’s still hideous. It always was, but, damn I loved that jacket. #Goodtimes

So, I’m writing this post as a tribute of sorts to all the new little sorority girls at my college who are currently pledging and hoping and waiting for the day they get THEIR lovely jacket. #speeds #snowflakelove #sigmapidelta #augustanaisthebestcollegeintheworld #imagrownup #iwentoverboardwithhashtags

Little pledges, at your exchange tonight, I hope you hear the following from a cutie frat boy down on one knee, cuz that’s the college dream (kidding, but not)

Spring has sprung, fall has fell, kiss me now, I’m horny as hell!

Meanwhile, I shall drink my wine and or Bud Light with my pinky up bcuz that’s what grown ups do and I’ve crossed over onto that side now. 😉

Have fun & be safe.


You Guys, I Forgot About Flip Flops

I’m totally serious. I forgot all about them. I have worn strictly boots since December. No flats, no sandals, nothing that shows the tops of my feet or any skin beneath my ankle. Actually, really, nothing but my arms and neckline have shown since then. Sexy, I know. #workitgirl

So, when I was creeping clicking through pics on Facebook, I saw a girl wearing skinny jeans and flip flops and i freaked out. CUZ IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME OF YEAR!

I have been thinking about shorts and bikinis and all that, but I forgot about how amazing it is when all you have to do is slip on a pair of flip flops and you’re set!

The greatest thing is: you can wear sandals WAY before you can wear shorts! OMGAH this is so great! I bet in the next 3 weeks I will wear sandals again. Which means… it’s time for a real pedicure! Mom? You in? I’m off the 22nd. 🙂

Did anyone else get so into their wintertime boots blues that they lost sight of the sunshine infused light at the end of the snow covered, slush filled tunnel?

sorry if you're one of those people who hate feet... this picture probably sucks for you

sorry if you’re one of those people who hate feet… this picture probably sucks for you

^That is my tribute to sandals.

PLUS, the sooner we are to sandal season, the sooner I am to sitting my booty on the beach and kicking those sandals off so my feet can feel the sand. Like this:


Woo hoo! We’re on the downhill slide of boot season. And next fall, I’ll probably be stoked to put them on. But, for now, adios boots, helloooooo sandals!

Outfit of the Day #7

You all got a little peek preview of this outfit last week. Here are the full outfit pics:



I was feeling pretty antsy and bored with my closet. I tried my usual fixes: new accessories, new nail polish, pulling out tops from way long ago, but nothing made the feeling go away.

I think it’s called “spring fever.” So, I gave in and went shopping. This top is one of four new clothing items I got and I LOVE IT. Thanks Target for being awesome.

The outfit took me on a mini road trip to St. Louis, the St. Louis Science Center, a yummy Italian dinner, and hanging out in our hotel room.

I couldn’t decide if I liked the top better partially tucked in or all the way out. What do you think?

picstitch copy 2

Top: Target // Pants: Express // Boots: Steve Madden // Cardigan: JCPenney’s // Nail Polish: Essie Merino Cool

Weekly Intent 2

Ok, how did we do this week? Did you choose a weekly intent? If so, what or who? Did it improve your week at all? Let me know! I’m so curious.

Last week for me was joy.

This week’s intent is gratitude.

I’m not going to lie, this winter was a grouchy one for me. In college winter was always a busy time – classes, winter break, sorority rush, Dance Marathon, finals, etc. Last year was busy and exciting as well because Matthew and I were still beginning our relationship.

However, this year was totally boring. I felt grumpy and cold and blah. Which, is not okay with me. I like being happy. I like being positive – and I have a LOT to be happy *and thankful* about.

SO, gratitude.

I am grateful for:

– my family, friends, boyfriend, health (hashtagduh)
– job: this one is HUGE/ students/ coworkers that I truly enjoy
– having enough money to pay my bills without worry each month
– my college education (that led me to the job in my chosen career path that allows me to pay for my bills)
– my reliable car
– dresses
– movies with Channing Tatum in them
– my Dooney & Bourke purse
– ice cream
– lazy spring days
– running and exercising
– candles from Bath and Body Works
– sequins
– flowers!

It’s important (to me) to find the good in everything. I am also trying to find ways to be grateful for things I don’t love. Such as cleaning up dog poop, feeling fat sometimes, and grading. I will let you know in a week how it goes.

Leave me a comment answering the following: Did you choose a weekly intent last week? How did it go? Are you choosing one this week? What is it? & What are YOU grateful for?