Blogging Fail

So I’m not gonna lie.. I kind of went through a little funk. I got sick. I got busy. I didn’t blog. Sorry!!

But, to be honest, I didn’t do anything cute or fun for a few weeks. Like… Matt and I celebrated his daughter’s 4th birthday, and I didn’t even wrap her presents cute because I ran out of wrapping paper and tape. Yes, tape.

These presses are literally held together with string and newspaper.

photoLuckily, I’ve got my mojo (is that even the right use of that word?) back. I’ve been having fun, taking cute pictures, and summer is right around the corner.

I’m back, bitches!


2 Things

All I’ve got to say is:

1. I’m so happy this week is through. It’s been a long one.

2. All I want to do is curl up in comfies, drink wine, and read all day long while listening to this rain.

That’s all.


Outfit of the Day #15

I would cook out every meal if I could. Luckily, Matthew shares this sentiment and so in the spring/summer/fall (and even one upper 30’s day in the winter) we cook out very frequently.

For this past Sunday Funday cookout extravaganza (barbecue cheeseburgers + grilled onions + pink lemonade!), I threw on a comfy sundress, a loose knit cardi & flung my hair in a french braid that morphed into a fishtail braid at the end. Then I ran outside with my beer and enjoyed the sun on my face.


The dress is from Old Navy, the cardigan and shoes from Express, the fingernail polish is Essie Lilacism and the toenail polish is Essie madison ave-hue.



Outfit of the Day #14


Now that it’s springtime I can finally wear skirts! Hallelujah! Hooray! Yippee! I am SUCH a fan of dresses and skirts. No joke, when I was little I refused to wear pants until my parents bought a farm and the thorny trees in the woods would scratch me.

If my friends were asked to describe my style/outfits, the description would be this: 1. a high waisted a-line skirt with a tucked in top or 2. anything + a scarf. To me, both feel very put together while still being super easy.

I have 3 skirts very similar to this and on warm weather work days, they are necessary.

This skirt is from Old Navy, as is the top. Shoes are from Gap. Purse is Dooney & Bourke (and my very favorite purse I’ve ever owned).

What do you think? Do you have a signature style?

Outfit of the Day #13

picstitchI wore this outfit to Easter part 2 and my Grandma’s birthday party! Matt, his daughter, and I drove the 3 hours north to my Grandma’s house to celebrate/visit with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma.

It was just right for a long car drive + lots of food (like as in I ate half of the Hawaiian bread loaf and sat with the bowl of spinach dip on my lap before the meal even began. Spinach dip sounds deceivingly healthy. It’s not.) + an Easter egg hunt + another long drive home.

It’sย another mullet top. I kind of like them, I think! I have literally worn this shirt one other time because I didn’t know what color to put underneath it.. Finally I just decided on a basic cream neutral (cuz you can’t go wrong with cream!).

What do you think?

Top: Express // Tank top: Old Navy // Jeans: Gap


Outfit of the Day #12


The reason my bang are on opposite sides in the pics is because when I take a mirror pic I take it the regular way with the phone screen facing out BUT when I take a selfie with my camera phone screen facing me, it reverses the image.. I don’t know why… Sorry!

^ It looks like I literally have 2 left feet.
Figuratively, yes.
Literally, no.. it’s just an awk pic.

I threw this random outfit on to run to the grocery store for a few supplies..

I didn’t think it’d be appropriate to go in my mis-matched pajamas.

I thought it was pretty decent for .03 seconds of thought!

The t-shirt and scarf are from Old Navy. The jeans are from Express. The cream (love cream!) jacket is from Abercrombie & Fitch. The shoes are Sperry Top Siders (they are also the shoes I wore for 3 months in Asia! Happy memory ๐Ÿ™‚ )

What do you think?

Red Hair, Don’t Care


Yes, this is a saved SnapChat pic of myself. Deal.

So, a week ago, this ^ happened.

I feel sexy, sassy, and brand new fresh for spring!

The only problem was.. I was actually aiming to be a full on brunette.. but.. that’s okay! That’s the gamble ya take when ya dye your hair from a box. It’s only semi-permament so it will be gone in less than a month.

Although, one of my 3rd grade boy students (not the one that noticed my eyebrows) has been adamant that I keep it this way because it looks so great.. I mean, if validation from an 8 year old boy is what I needed, I have it. I still think I’m just going to let it fade out. Cuz then it’s time for summer blonde!

Thanks Paige for helping me out with this project. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think? Did you make any changes to your hair just in time for spring? Let me know in the comment section!

Weekly Intent 5

I’ve made my last weekly intents joy, gratitude, and discipline (2x).ย 

Last week I declared a do-over for discipline. It went MUCH better! I was early to work a few days, worked out in the morning once, and walked the dog on a few 3 mile walks even when I didn’t want to.

Now, I am choosing an individual. This person just rubs me the wrong way. She’s irritating and unkempt and frustrating. HOWEVER, I think she needs my mental support. At least if I send good thoughts her way and am reallyย really nice to her, then it can’t hurt. And, it will make me a nicer person.

So, my intent is focusing on a person.

I invite you to pick an intent (a person, thought, discipline, etc.) to focus on this week. Let’s check in next Monday to see how we did!