My baby brother (8.5) years younger!!! turned FIFTEEN today! It’s so cool to watch this kid grow up – I remember the day he was born vividly. I stayed at Jessica Geiger’s house while my parents went to the hospital. She and I made friendship bracelets with turtle beads on them. Then we got into a huuuge fight and we threw our bracelets into the mulch surrounding her backyard swing set. Her mom was super chill about it. She separated us and let me watch Nickelodeon while Jess cooled off in her room. Then my dad came and got me and I got to go meet my new baby brother!!!

My parents did not find out his sex before he was born, so it was a TOTAL surprise! I even made two different welcome home signs. I can’t say I was always thrilled to have another baby brother.. ahem… I used to dress Spenc up like a girl in his toddler days, but now I wouldn’t change him for the world.

I am so proud of the person you have become, Spencer James. I LOVE you so so so much. Happy 15th birthday!



I miss my students!

So… I know I’ve been counting down to summer since literally February… but… I miss my little kiddos. I just hope they’re all safe and having fun and reading 20 minutes everyday! Ha!

One of my students made me this bracelet right before summer let out. I LOVE it! This is also the student who gave me a mug with every kid’s signature on it and a Starbucks gift card inside PLUS hot pink paper clips, pink flowers planted in a pot with a pink rim and chalkboard paint on the main portion of the pot. Basically he and his mom rock and I appreciate the sweet and very unnecessary gifts! I just wanted to brag for a sec how great my kids (and their parents) are 😉 (were, ahh sad).

image copy 11Cute, right? Thanks, kiddo!

Volunteer Gift

image copy 10This year I had 3 great classroom volunteers who came week after week to make copies and grade assignments (like math facts, spelling tests, etc.). I appreciated their help SO much.

I made them each a little gift to thank them for their commitment.

The total cost was $10.43. I got everything at Dollar Tree. The mugs are filled with mints, mint chocolate York Patties, Andes mints, and mint gum. The tag says “Thank you for your “commit-mint” this year. Pretty good, huh? Thanks Pinterest 😉