Room Makeover

My boyfriend’s daughter’s room was hideous. It had brown wood paneling, NO shelves and NO storage so all her toys were in these huge pink bins. It was not cute, it was hard for her to play in, and it desperately needed a makeover.

So, I painted it! She was very helpful during the entire process and I was pleasantly surprised that at 4 years old she did a significant amount of the painting! Girl power!

Matt was great and brought up the bookshelf and screwed it into the wall when I was ready for the organizing portion. I’m so excited about the results!

image copy 2


image copy 3


image copy 4


She loved it, but I was a little nervous when she kept asking if the “gorgeous brown” would come back in  a few days. Um.. no. She also said that “Daddy will love our beautiful picture” referring to the plain white paint. Luckily, he did love our beautiful “picture” and she also loves her new room and asks anybody who comes over if they want to go see it. Yay!


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