I’m just a girl, and this is the story of my life. Told by me. While sitting on my couch in my pajamas. It’s fine.

Here’s what you need to know:

Family & location: I live in the midwest. I come from an excellent childhood and family that led me into adulthood with no baggage (thanks mom & dad!). I have two super cool little brothers, Cooper and Spencer, and a bonus brother who joined my family when he was in 7th grade, Kross. I live with my extremely hot boyfriend and his wonderful 3 year old daughter.

Career: I teach 3rd grade in a teeny tiny town 50 minutes from where I live.

– Travel: I’ve been to all 50 states (I went to 49 in 1 year when I lived in an RV nomad style with my mom & brothers). I’ve also been to Canada, Mexico, England, and studied abroad in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
– Shopping
– Making delicious treats for people I love
– Reading, movies, TV (The Bachelor/ette, How I Met Your Mother, any and all Kardashian shows, Modern Family)
– Coffee. Yes, this is a hobby. Accept it.

Purpose: Sharing the parts of my life that make me smile. Also, documenting the improvement of my style from basic cuteness to fashion goddess.



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