Color Combo

I wore this blue floral dress to the zoo a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop staring at the bright purply-pink against the blue! I loved it! I’m always so reluctant to mix colors, but every time I do I love it! photo 1What do you think?


Hair… I Love to Hate It

The picture below is my hair in its natural state. No product, no brushing, just washed, conditioned, towel and air dried. It’s a tad frizzier and scraggly than I’d like.

So, I bought Organix coconut milk shampoo and conditioner, having read that coconut milk is great for hair. Behold the results:image copy 8
Again, it was not brushed, styled, no product, anything! I think it’s much more manageable now. PLUS it smells so great!

Obviously, I don’t know if the organix brand will work for you, but I was so excited about my results that I wanted to share!

Red Hair, Don’t Care


Yes, this is a saved SnapChat pic of myself. Deal.

So, a week ago, this ^ happened.

I feel sexy, sassy, and brand new fresh for spring!

The only problem was.. I was actually aiming to be a full on brunette.. but.. that’s okay! That’s the gamble ya take when ya dye your hair from a box. It’s only semi-permament so it will be gone in less than a month.

Although, one of my 3rd grade boy students (not the one that noticed my eyebrows) has been adamant that I keep it this way because it looks so great.. I mean, if validation from an 8 year old boy is what I needed, I have it. I still think I’m just going to let it fade out. Cuz then it’s time for summer blonde!

Thanks Paige for helping me out with this project. 🙂

What do you think? Did you make any changes to your hair just in time for spring? Let me know in the comment section!

Hallelujah It’s Friday!

Yep. It’s Friday. Cheers to that.

This weekend I just want to have a good time. Pretty much like I want to every weekend.

Tonight, I’m getting dinner with my girls Paige and Natalia. We go back to our high school days. When I moved back home last year after graduating college they were my only friends in town. Actually, they’re still my only friends in town. Actually, I don’t even live in that town anymore, so they’re my only friends within a reasonable driving distance for dinner on a regular night. Boo hiss me. I just depressed myself. *Making friends is a huge goal of mine since moving to the town I currently live in if you weren’t aware.*

Anyhoo, they’re great and I am excited to catch up! They’re the kind of friends that I can talk about anything with. Like, anything. Like, think of the thing you would NEVER talk to your girlfriends about cuz it crosses some sort of line and boundary, and we’ve probably discussed it in depth.

Saturday, Matt is taking his first official flying lesson! I’m just gonna brag on my boyfriend for a sec, but I’m so stinking proud of him! He found something he enjoyed and is taking the steps to make it a bigger part of his life. I think getting his pilot’s license is so cool and I wish I had more hobbies that I really sought out like he is. Yay Matt!

So, while he’s doing that, I’ll probably work out. THEN I have an appointment to get a pedicure at a local spa. They’re running a deal in March for people to purchase a pedi and get a free express mani + hot chocolate + a cookie. That’s like the greatest deal ever, so I had to sign up!

The rest of the weekend is totally open! I hope something great happens. I think it will!

What are your weekend plans?

P.S. What color nail polish should I get for my toes and fingers? I always get overwhelmed by the choices!

Tapas. Cupcakes. Wine. Heaven.

I love girl’s nights. My boyfriend is a macho man and while he does humor me on some of my very girly girl traits, there is no replacement for a good old fashioned girl’s night. With girls.

Unfortunately, I am still relatively new to the town I live in and have not made a lot of girl friends. Luckily, every other month or so, my college-sorority-sisters-senior-year-roommate-besties-future-bridesmaids and I plan a get together. Last time we stayed in the Omni Chicago and shopped, ate out, indulged in lots of drinks, and had a total blast.

This trip was a lot more low-key but just as much fun.

We were going to do Pinterest crafts, but Britta forgot the materials at her apartment in the Chicago suburbs, so we painted nails instead.

I went for a L'Oreal purply-pink.

I went for a L’Oreal purply-pink.

Then, we went to a restaurant called Radio Maria. I was so freaking excited for this experience! It was a tapas restaurant, which I had never tried before. The whole idea of tapas is to order a bunch of little dishes instead of one big meal. Then you share it all! We got delicious potatoes, garlic bread, pork tacos, artichoke hearts, fried eggplant, and fried risotto balls. Yum. You’ll have to take my word that it was delish because I forgot to take any pictures.

After that, we walked to a cupcake shop. I got a dark chocolate cupcake and a fancy chocolate milk spiked with Godiva liquor. Fancy, indeed.


And then, we went home to Katie’s where we drank Arbor Mist (me) and white wine (Katie and Britta) while eating Milano cookies and watching Two Weeks Notice.

We had to look at all of our options of movies, narrowing it down one by one.

We had to look at all of our options of movies, narrowing it down one by one.

It was a glorious, girly, boozy, cupcake-y night.

Thanks for the fun, girls!


P.S. What are your musts for a girl’s night?

Packing Struggles. Commiserate with me.

I am the worst packer, ever.

I should be better at it. When I was in 7th grade, my family traveled all over the USA while living in an RV and I had to plan to be away for months at a time. You know those medium sized plastic containers that are about 1/4 the size of the plastic containers used to store Christmas decorations? Well, I got 1 of those to pack clothes in, 1 of those to pack “fun” things aka my library books and Bop-It, and 1 drawer for underwear and socks. It was totally fine. I managed.

When I went to England in high school, I packed for a 10 day trip in just a carry on!

When I studied abroad in college, I lived out of a suitcase on my 3 month 20+ city tour of East Asia. Again, I had clothes that lasted me for 3 months in one regular sized suitcase. It was easy.

According to the above evidence, we can all agree that I have the capabilities of being a good, light packer.

So someone please explain to me why when I went to Katie’s this weekend I packed (for ONE afternoon/night and ONE morning):

– 3 cardigans (black, pink, white)
– 2 pairs of jeans (skinnies and non-skinnies)
– a pair of black leather boots
– a pair of black suede booties
– a pair of black tennis shoes
– 2 different going out tops that require a cardigan (blue and green)
– a black sweater
– a purple scarf
– a pink scarf
– a white tank top
– a white going out lacy top
– a black dress
– black tights
– a black belt
– black yoga pants
– a tshirt
– a lightweight hoodie
– 2 different black camis (one with spaghetti straps and one with thicker straps)
– a black sports bra
– a black regular bra
– a nude regular bra
– one pair undies
– 2 pairs of socks
– 3 types of hoop earrings (gold, silver, dark silver) and 3 pairs of stud earrings
– 3 rings (colored, silver, black)
– 1 long sparkly necklace, 1 short sparkly necklace, 2 regular necklaces (gold and silver) a watch
– a tan coat
– a baseball cap
– a book
– makeup
– a curling iron (my hair was already curled when I left)
– all my toiletry items
– 5 different colors of nail polishes

UM WHAT THE FUCK. I mean, seriously? I just threw random things in my bag thinking I might wear it. I know I’m not alone in this issue, but.. seriously? #overkill


Do you see them all? There’s gold, pearly white, pink, purple, red. OH – and 3 different chapsticks that are regularly carried in my purse.

I ended up wearing what I wore on my drive there (except I put on the other pair of jeans and the booties instead of the skinny jeans and boots, because I had to feel like I packed all that for SOME sort of change).

Please leave me a comment letting me know I’m not the only over-packing freak out there.


So. Eyebrows.

I kind of gave up on mine for a few months. It was never convenient to schedule a wax because, really, when is the time right? My eyebrows are bright red for at least 24 hours afterwards. Not cute. And, I just couldn’t decide if it was really necessary to pluck them all the time? Well, I did decide, I suppose, in the sense that I just didn’t do it. My eyebrows were in their full natural beauty. And, plus, fashion magazines kept telling me “full brows were in.”

My friend, Paige, called me out on this decision. She basically told me my eyebrows sucked and I needed to pull it together.

I complained and whined and told her they weren’t that bad. She kept insisting that they were.

*Disclaimer: I’ve been friends with Paige for at least 7 years so I wasn’t too butthurt that she kept saying my eyebrows sucked.

I told her if she wanted change, she needed to make it happen.

Therefore, I found myself exactly 3 days later, with my head in her lap and the future of my eyebrows in her hands.

She had a lot of tools, so I figured she was legit and wouldn’t eff them up.

She did lots of technical things, like use an eyeliner pencil and a regular pencil to figure out where they should start and end and arch. She trimmed them (admittedly, the trimming of my eyebrows is something that I am aware needs to be done. I ignored this during my at least 8 month hiatus of eyebrow grooming. I know.)

Then she plucked forever. And ever. And ever. Then she said “ta-da!!!” (Okay, Paige would NEVER say “ta-da.” I said that).

And they were done. And, I looked way better!

When I went to school the next day, one of my students (a 9 year old jock-y boy) asked me why my eyebrows were so much smaller.

And that’s when I decided to continue doing my eyebrows.