Color Combo

I wore this blue floral dress to the zoo a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop staring at the bright purply-pink against the blue! I loved it! I’m always so reluctant to mix colors, but every time I do I love it!¬†photo 1What do you think?


Outfit of the Day #27

image-13 Please excuse my wet hair. I wanted to make sure I got these outfit pics before I forgot (I always forget!). The top is Old Navy, the shorts and sandals are American Eagle.

This was just a lazy summer day outfit. I’ve been wearing workout/comfy clothes pretty much nonstop sooo I decided to put on an actual outfit one day. I bought the top last summer but this was the first time I’ve worn it. I think I will probably take it on vacation and wear it as a cover-up. It’s so floaty.. I think it needs some beach exposure!

What do you think? Does your summer wardrobe consist of lazy clothes, too? Or do you make the effort to look cute everyday?

Outfit of the Day #26

image-7I didn’t take any “outfit” pics.. so this will have to do. I wore this dress to Matt’s sister’s graduation party. I LOVE THIS DRESS! It’s SO comfy, was super cheap, and is perfect for summer! I got it at JCPenney’s. The sandals are from Target as is the belt.

What do you think? I love it so just tell me you do, too!

P.S. How hot is my boyfriend? #luckygirl

Outfit of the Day #25

image-3Casual Friday! I actually have no idea when/where/why I wore this outfit.. It was just for a random day. But, you can’t go wrong with jean shorts & a black top! I like the pop of blue on my nails, too. Just ignore my crazy hair. I’m trying to make bed-head work for me.. I don’t think I hit it in this pic, though. Oops!

What do you think of my super-casual Friday outfit?

Outfit of the Day #24

image-11I wore this outfit to church and the fancy hotel that my dad is the chef at (I know I’m bragging, but his job is just so cool!) on Mother’s Day. There was a gorgeous brunch banquet and this is what I wore. I drank a lot of mimosas and chit chatted with my mom! It was such a great Mother’s Day.

I just want to point out that this dress is from Wal-Mart! I have now worn it: to work (and here in blue), to a wedding, on Mother’s Day, and probably a few other places, too. It is so versatile and very well made. Plus it was super cheap. My mom gave it to me as a gift and I’m not kidding until she told me where it came from, I was seriously thinking Calvin Klein or Macy’s. But, nope! Wal-Mart for the win!


Outfit of the Day #23

image-10This was one of my last work outfits before school let out for summer! I am OBSESSED with those jersey skirts from Old Navy. I have 3! I paired this brown one with a simple white top and gold accessories.

It was breezy and super comfy for my year round 85+ degree classroom. Not kidding about the temp.

What do you think?