Outfit of the Day #15

I would cook out every meal if I could. Luckily, Matthew shares this sentiment and so in the spring/summer/fall (and even one upper 30’s day in the winter) we cook out very frequently.

For this past Sunday Funday cookout extravaganza (barbecue cheeseburgers + grilled onions + pink lemonade!), I threw on a comfy sundress, a loose knit cardi & flung my hair in a french braid that morphed into a fishtail braid at the end. Then I ran outside with my beer and enjoyed the sun on my face.


The dress is from Old Navy, the cardigan and shoes from Express, the fingernail polish is Essie Lilacism and the toenail polish is Essie madison ave-hue.




MMM Fajita!

So I’m a cooking whiz.

Let’s try that again.

I never cook.

Matt cooks the majority of the time. I’d say 50% he cooks, 25% we eat out, 20% we eat random things like leftovers, popcorn, or cereal, and 5% of the time I cook.

Until I lived with him I had no idea how to cook chicken or pork chops or anything besides toast, scrambled eggs, and things that I could bake from a box, jar, or can.

HOWEVER, that is something I am trying to change. It’s kind of embarrassing to say that my dad is a chef and then one minute later say all I can make is spaghetti. With sauce from a jar.

So, I decided to try a crock pot recipe. I figured since every Pinterest pin cites their crockpot recipe as super easy I would pick the one that looked the easiest and try it out!

I picked crock pot chicken fajitas.

It turned out so great!

photo copy 2

so easy! I just put everything in there and left it alone for 4 hours


so yummy!

photo copy

sides – corn & beans, cornbread, and fajita toppings

Matt loved it. I loved it. We had leftovers. My attempt was a success!

Head on over to the recipe and try it out for yourself. Let me know what you think!

Outfit of the Day #10

I wore this outfit on a yummy lunch date with my friend Jennie. We meet up every few months at the same delicious restaurant (One World Cafe in Peoria, IL if you’re curious. I absolutely recommend it).

We talk boy talk, job talk (she teaches Kindergarten), college gossip (we went to the same college and went on the same study abroad trip), and everything in-between.

We have one of those sweet friendships in which we can pick up exactly where we left off. I cherish this friendship very much. 🙂


Kindly ignore the wrinkles and table in the background. I took these after I sat in the car for 2 hours on the way home. And the table was for Matt & my Easter party.

I wore an Express button up, Express jeggings, Gap shoes, and a necklace from an Etsy store. I rarely wear button ups, but I think I might bring this one into my rotation more often. I felt floaty and free and springy. I think I might try layering it with chambray or a black maxi skirt? *MAYBE*picstitch copyMy DELICIOUS lunch. Seriously, go there. Order the Sangria. OMG I want to go back right now!

Jennie, let’s get our next lunch date in the planner. Because you KNOW if it’s in the planner it’s going to happen!


I Totally Get Why My Grandma Eats Last At Holidays

Seriously, though. I had some serious grandma-status when everyone was on dessert and I was just sitting down to eat my meal. It just happened. You know exactly what I mean – you have eaten, everyone has eaten, but Grandma is dishing up seconds like a champ and hasn’t sat down once. Well, I was that person. And so was Matt. Whoops.

In case you forgot, Matt and I decided to host Easter this year for: him, me, his daughter, his mom, his sister, his aunt, his uncle, his cousin, his other cousin, his cousin’s daughter, my mom, my dad, and 2 of my brothers. 16 people.

As I mentioned, I was in charge of the ham. I’ll just announce now that I didn’t eff it up! I did a great job, actually.

photoI bought the ham at Save-A-Lot (similar to an Aldi). It was a 10 lb bone-in shank. When I told my mom that, she was very impressed and said that she didn’t know those words went together until she was 50. Which, was probably true. It was true for me, too, until I googled “super easy ham recipe” and it said that. Plus, it was the only option at the store. So that’s what we were having, like it or not.

Anyways, the only trouble I ran into was sticking the meat thermometer into the oven with the ham.

Matt and his friend Jeff (which, I’d like to point out that two grown ass men knew more about cooking ham than I did and I think it’s hilarious/awesome) freaked out and told me I was going to break the thermometer by doing that (I didn’t). I told them the recipe on the internet told me to do it. So there. Anyways, we took it out just in case and I stuck it back in when the ham was done. Everyone said it tasted good, and I think they really meant it.

It was so great having both of our families here. I don’t think I stopped smiling til everyone was out the door. That might have been because of my wine goblet and all the chocolate. But whatever.

Both Matt’s mom and my mom did major clean up duty, which was so nice of them. I never realized how much money/time/effort/etc. goes into hosting a holiday. So, thanks Grandma, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Susan, Mom, Karin, Dorothy, and Leandra for hosting every holiday I’ve ever been to.

Here are some pics from the day

decorations.. thanks Dollar Tree for keepin it festive.

decorations.. thanks Dollar Tree for keepin it festive.


Top Left, going clockwise: The kiddo’s Easter basket, My Easter basket to Matthew, Matthew’s Easter basket to me, and my Easter basket to myself. My mom also got me a great basket, but I didn’t take a picture.


me and my wonderful mom and dad


me and my awesome Easter co-host!

How was your Easter? Great, I hope! Leave me a comment & let me know.

Mexican Food Fixes Everything

So, I’m a huge fan of Mexican food. I’d eat it for every meal if I could. In fact, when I went to Mexico, I told my mom probably 3 times a day that I should have been born Mexican. But, I wasn’t. So instead, I just make all my friends go to Mexican every time we eat out.

Most recently, my friends Natalia, Paige, and I went to a restaurant called Xochimilco (So-She-Mo-Co). I got a delicious shrimp quesadilla. OMG I want another one right now! Anywho, along with my quesadilla I ordered a beer. I actually ordered a large draft beer, thinking it’d be 20 oz.


The guy brought me this 32 oz. monstrosity:


I could barely lift it, no joke

I would have had NO problem drinking the whole darn thing, except, I had to drive home and I’m a lightweight. So, no. That would not have been wise.

I thought about sending it back, because come on. No one orders a large draft beer thinking it’s going to be THAT fricking large. But, I didn’t want to be that girl. So, I made Paige share it with me.

Pouring it proved to be a little messy. Oops!

image copy 3

It was a great dinner despite the momentary chaos over my drink. Thanks for the invite, Natalia.

Natalia and I

Natalia and I

Outfit of the Day #5

This outfit is from quite a while ago. I wore it on a snow day for both Matthew and I. We decided to dress up a bit (cuz why not?) and go shopping! We finished the excursion with pizza. 🙂

The boots are Steve Madden. // The pants are Calvin Klein (but from TJ Maxx) // The top is Gap // The cardigan is Old Navy // The earrings are Express // The necklace is from this Etsy shop.


Tapas. Cupcakes. Wine. Heaven.

I love girl’s nights. My boyfriend is a macho man and while he does humor me on some of my very girly girl traits, there is no replacement for a good old fashioned girl’s night. With girls.

Unfortunately, I am still relatively new to the town I live in and have not made a lot of girl friends. Luckily, every other month or so, my college-sorority-sisters-senior-year-roommate-besties-future-bridesmaids and I plan a get together. Last time we stayed in the Omni Chicago and shopped, ate out, indulged in lots of drinks, and had a total blast.

This trip was a lot more low-key but just as much fun.

We were going to do Pinterest crafts, but Britta forgot the materials at her apartment in the Chicago suburbs, so we painted nails instead.

I went for a L'Oreal purply-pink.

I went for a L’Oreal purply-pink.

Then, we went to a restaurant called Radio Maria. I was so freaking excited for this experience! It was a tapas restaurant, which I had never tried before. The whole idea of tapas is to order a bunch of little dishes instead of one big meal. Then you share it all! We got delicious potatoes, garlic bread, pork tacos, artichoke hearts, fried eggplant, and fried risotto balls. Yum. You’ll have to take my word that it was delish because I forgot to take any pictures.

After that, we walked to a cupcake shop. I got a dark chocolate cupcake and a fancy chocolate milk spiked with Godiva liquor. Fancy, indeed.


And then, we went home to Katie’s where we drank Arbor Mist (me) and white wine (Katie and Britta) while eating Milano cookies and watching Two Weeks Notice.

We had to look at all of our options of movies, narrowing it down one by one.

We had to look at all of our options of movies, narrowing it down one by one.

It was a glorious, girly, boozy, cupcake-y night.

Thanks for the fun, girls!


P.S. What are your musts for a girl’s night?

Tip to Make Monday Suck Less

I love coffee. It’s not really optional for me to feel differently.

My parents exclusively drink Starbucks coffee. My best friend in high school worked at Starbucks (meaning I got unlimited coffee beverages when she was working). I had the CUTEST coffee shop within walking distance of my college house. (love you, Cool Beanz).

MMMM. Just thinking about it all makes me warm and happy inside.

Recently, I was tipped off to this DELICIOUS tip to make my morning brew a little better. I didn’t know if that would be possible, but, it was!

The tip: Add some cinnamon to the top of the coffee grounds before you brew!

That’s it! It’s so yummy and makes the coffee smell even better. I like to mix in French Vanilla creamer afterwards.