4th of July!

I took a little hiatus from blogging because.. well.. real life has been a lot more fun! And the fun continues because I’m on my way to Florida! So my next update I will be when I get back!

First up, the 4th of July.

I LOVE the 4th of July. When I was a kid, my family went to my dad’s boss’s house and had a big cookout complete with blueberry pie, bananas foster, and as many sparklers as we wanted.

When I was in high school, my little town had a mini carnival at the park. My best friend, Em, lived right across from it so we’d alternate swimming and carnivaling the entire day.

THIS 4th of July was one of the very best! I started off the day by walking in a 5K, took my boyfriend’s daughter and another little girl to the town parade, to a dog costume contest, to a petting zoo, and then I went to a cook out and pool party. The night ended with my boyfriend’s family at the park watching the fireworks. It was simple and easy and fun.

spirit nails

spirit nails

My 5K shirt! I walked, don't be fooled :)

My 5K shirt! I walked, don’t be fooled 🙂

Ready for the 5K!

Ready for the 5K!

The costume for my friend's dog

The costume for my friend’s dog

Tired at the end of the day

Tired at the end of the day

Let me know what you did in the comments!


Grad Gift

image-12Matt’s little sister graduated high school this year. She’s making the big move to Mizzou on August 11th, so I wanted to make sure she was prepared!

For her grad gift, I put together a bag full of college necessities. I’m for sure not original in this gift idea but it was fun nonetheless. I got a similar gift when I graduated high school and it was very appreciated since it had a few supplies I might have forgotten otherwise.

The bag is a thirty-one bag that I ordered. It was on the pricey side, but I think it’s worth it since it was a gift from Matt, me, and his daughter – plus it was for Matt’s sister. Plus, she’s the first one in his family to really go away to school! It’s a huge deal and we are all so proud of her. So, all that justified the cost of the bag. I would say it was around $50 for the bag, the college logo, and the embroidery.

Inside I stuffed it with: her favorite snacks, school supplies (neon sharpies, thumbs up sticky notes, a chevron notepad, rainbow pencils, plain black pens, a hand-held pencil sharpener), safety pins (for outfit adjustment. You girls know what I mean), Mizzou college girl necessities (black and gold ribbon, black and gold nail polish), black and gold cups, napkins, paper plates, and cutlery, and 2 mugs.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished mugs, but I wrote on one of them “GO MIZZOU!” and on the other “Matt’s daughter’s name <3s tt” TT is Matt’s sister’s nickname.. Then I outlined Little Miss’s hand and drew a heart inside it. I baked the mugs at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes because Pinterest told me that would set the permanent marker. I don’t think it did, but.. oh well. She can keep pens in them or wash them gently I suppose.

I was pretty stoked with how the gift turned out!

What was the best grad gift you’ve received or given? Leave me a comment to let me know!


Outfit of the Day #18

image copy 8I wore this outfit after work one day to Matt’s daughter’s 1st soccer practice!

I don’t want to post any pics of her on here, but let me just tell you – it was THE cutest thing ever. Her outfit definitely stole the show. She is 4, so imagine a teeny tiny little girl with bright pink cheeks from running, a windswept ponytail, shorts a size too big that hung to her knees, neon green shirt, neon green soccer socks that went all the way up her leg, and black and neon cleats. OMG so presh.

Anyways, this outfit was perfect for sitting on a blanket, soaking up the sun, and cheering for the kiddo.

Shoes: no idea // pants: Express // cami: Old Navy // Top: Express


Happy May Day!

Here are some flowers to cheer you up on this gorgeous May 1st.

photo 3 copyThe custodian at my school picked these and brought them into the cafeteria at school.

Damn, I love my job/co-workers/flowers/spring.

My friend, Gina, always gave everyone gifts on May 1st when we were in college, in celebration of May Day. It was such a sweet surprise, always. She gave little glass jars with bite size pieces of cake one year, a homemade card another year, etc. It made me always feel special.

So, Happy May Day! Hope yours is great.


Red Hair, Don’t Care


Yes, this is a saved SnapChat pic of myself. Deal.

So, a week ago, this ^ happened.

I feel sexy, sassy, and brand new fresh for spring!

The only problem was.. I was actually aiming to be a full on brunette.. but.. that’s okay! That’s the gamble ya take when ya dye your hair from a box. It’s only semi-permament so it will be gone in less than a month.

Although, one of my 3rd grade boy students (not the one that noticed my eyebrows) has been adamant that I keep it this way because it looks so great.. I mean, if validation from an 8 year old boy is what I needed, I have it. I still think I’m just going to let it fade out. Cuz then it’s time for summer blonde!

Thanks Paige for helping me out with this project. 🙂

What do you think? Did you make any changes to your hair just in time for spring? Let me know in the comment section!

Outfit of the Day #10

I wore this outfit on a yummy lunch date with my friend Jennie. We meet up every few months at the same delicious restaurant (One World Cafe in Peoria, IL if you’re curious. I absolutely recommend it).

We talk boy talk, job talk (she teaches Kindergarten), college gossip (we went to the same college and went on the same study abroad trip), and everything in-between.

We have one of those sweet friendships in which we can pick up exactly where we left off. I cherish this friendship very much. 🙂


Kindly ignore the wrinkles and table in the background. I took these after I sat in the car for 2 hours on the way home. And the table was for Matt & my Easter party.

I wore an Express button up, Express jeggings, Gap shoes, and a necklace from an Etsy store. I rarely wear button ups, but I think I might bring this one into my rotation more often. I felt floaty and free and springy. I think I might try layering it with chambray or a black maxi skirt? *MAYBE*picstitch copyMy DELICIOUS lunch. Seriously, go there. Order the Sangria. OMG I want to go back right now!

Jennie, let’s get our next lunch date in the planner. Because you KNOW if it’s in the planner it’s going to happen!


I Totally Get Why My Grandma Eats Last At Holidays

Seriously, though. I had some serious grandma-status when everyone was on dessert and I was just sitting down to eat my meal. It just happened. You know exactly what I mean – you have eaten, everyone has eaten, but Grandma is dishing up seconds like a champ and hasn’t sat down once. Well, I was that person. And so was Matt. Whoops.

In case you forgot, Matt and I decided to host Easter this year for: him, me, his daughter, his mom, his sister, his aunt, his uncle, his cousin, his other cousin, his cousin’s daughter, my mom, my dad, and 2 of my brothers. 16 people.

As I mentioned, I was in charge of the ham. I’ll just announce now that I didn’t eff it up! I did a great job, actually.

photoI bought the ham at Save-A-Lot (similar to an Aldi). It was a 10 lb bone-in shank. When I told my mom that, she was very impressed and said that she didn’t know those words went together until she was 50. Which, was probably true. It was true for me, too, until I googled “super easy ham recipe” and it said that. Plus, it was the only option at the store. So that’s what we were having, like it or not.

Anyways, the only trouble I ran into was sticking the meat thermometer into the oven with the ham.

Matt and his friend Jeff (which, I’d like to point out that two grown ass men knew more about cooking ham than I did and I think it’s hilarious/awesome) freaked out and told me I was going to break the thermometer by doing that (I didn’t). I told them the recipe on the internet told me to do it. So there. Anyways, we took it out just in case and I stuck it back in when the ham was done. Everyone said it tasted good, and I think they really meant it.

It was so great having both of our families here. I don’t think I stopped smiling til everyone was out the door. That might have been because of my wine goblet and all the chocolate. But whatever.

Both Matt’s mom and my mom did major clean up duty, which was so nice of them. I never realized how much money/time/effort/etc. goes into hosting a holiday. So, thanks Grandma, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Susan, Mom, Karin, Dorothy, and Leandra for hosting every holiday I’ve ever been to.

Here are some pics from the day

decorations.. thanks Dollar Tree for keepin it festive.

decorations.. thanks Dollar Tree for keepin it festive.


Top Left, going clockwise: The kiddo’s Easter basket, My Easter basket to Matthew, Matthew’s Easter basket to me, and my Easter basket to myself. My mom also got me a great basket, but I didn’t take a picture.


me and my wonderful mom and dad


me and my awesome Easter co-host!

How was your Easter? Great, I hope! Leave me a comment & let me know.

Spring Break, B*tches!

Here are my spring break plans:

– Lunch date with my girl, Jennie. We will drink drinks and boy/job talk over a 2-3 hour lunch. It’ll be so great.

– Easton Corbin concert with my girl, Em. Yee-haw!

– Cook a ham. Not burn rolls. Clean my house. Stuff Easter eggs with candy. Buy Easter-y decorations. All those things BECUZ Matt & I are hosting Easter for both our fams (btw, fams self corrected to fans and I think our family can double as our fans so I almost didn’t change it back. But then I thought I should). AHHHH I’m so nervous! I’ve never cooked a ham. I’ve never hosted a holiday. I’m doing both of those things with my boyfriend. That I live with. I HATE when people my age say statements such as “I feel like such a grownup.” but, OMG I feel like SUCH a grown up.

– Develop a novel unit for How to Eat Fried Worms to start teaching after spring break.

– Watch the movie Spring Breakers.

– Finish the book Skinny Dip.

All in all, it should be splendid. And THEN I only teach 3 days next week (snow days come off the spring break at my school so my SB is just a 5 day weekend. I’ll take it.) and THEN it’s only 6 teaching weeks + 1 institute week until SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do this, people!

What are your plans? If nothing else, you should probably go buy a Cadbury Easter egg and paint your nails a cheerful color. #spring!!!!!

Outfit of the Day #9

This is a pretty simple outfit. It’s also one of those outfits that I could wear every single day, never get sick of, and always feel cute in. So there’s that.


mullet top! business in the front, party in the back. whoop whoop!


In college, one of my sorority sisters told me a funny story about how she went into the library, saw a girl wearing a cream top, assumed it was me, and did some sort of surprise attack from behind. Well, lo and behold, it wasn’t me, but it did make me realize that I wear A LOT of cream colored tops. Actually, the day I bought this shirt, I bought 3 other cream colored shirts… I mean, that’s a little ridiculous I know.. but.. I just love wearing this color!

It’s so easy to jazz up with simple accessories – i.e. leopard print flats, bright pink nail polish, and a simple gold necklace.

Just an FYI – I tend to wear this shirt all the time in the spring and summer, so just prepare yourself to see it again.

Do you have any colors that you seem to always wear? What about tops? Is there one particular shirt you find yourself reaching for whenever you feel like you have nothing else to put on? Hm. Let me know in the comments!

(Outfit details: Jeans are from TJMaxx, Top is from Charlotte Russe last year, flats are from American Eagle like 3 years ago, and nail polish is from Essie’s new spring line. It is called Madison Ave-Hue. I’m in love with it).