My Boyfriend Decided To Redo Our Kitchen Floor 2 Days Before We Hosted Easter

I never thought I’d be excited about a floor.. I mean, come on. It’s a floor. But, here I am excited about a floor. Stranger things, eh?

Matt decided to redo our kitchen floor exactly 2 days before we hosted Easter for 16 people.

Here’s the schedule of events:

On Thursday Matt and I decided to mop the floor really good and wait until after Easter for him to re-do the kitchen floor.

On Friday I came home from a lunch with my friend Jennie and Matt had started to re-do the kitchen floor.

On Friday and Saturday, Matthew told me to stay out of the kitchen. All of our appliances were in the living room.

On Sunday morning the refrigerator was still in the living room.

By 1 PM the entire project was done! Yay! Go Matt and all his buddies that helped him out!

I must say, I never doubted he would get it done.. but.. I mean, when he redid the living room floors it took a few months, so I wasn’t sure if he would get it done BY EASTER… Luckily he’s amazing and he did!

picstitch copy 2

before, during, during, during

image copy

AFTER!!!!! so awesome!

I mean, I just got seriously excited about a kitchen floor and I’m not even ashamed. #domesticproblems



I Totally Get Why My Grandma Eats Last At Holidays

Seriously, though. I had some serious grandma-status when everyone was on dessert and I was just sitting down to eat my meal. It just happened. You know exactly what I mean – you have eaten, everyone has eaten, but Grandma is dishing up seconds like a champ and hasn’t sat down once. Well, I was that person. And so was Matt. Whoops.

In case you forgot, Matt and I decided to host Easter this year for: him, me, his daughter, his mom, his sister, his aunt, his uncle, his cousin, his other cousin, his cousin’s daughter, my mom, my dad, and 2 of my brothers. 16 people.

As I mentioned, I was in charge of the ham. I’ll just announce now that I didn’t eff it up! I did a great job, actually.

photoI bought the ham at Save-A-Lot (similar to an Aldi). It was a 10 lb bone-in shank. When I told my mom that, she was very impressed and said that she didn’t know those words went together until she was 50. Which, was probably true. It was true for me, too, until I googled “super easy ham recipe” and it said that. Plus, it was the only option at the store. So that’s what we were having, like it or not.

Anyways, the only trouble I ran into was sticking the meat thermometer into the oven with the ham.

Matt and his friend Jeff (which, I’d like to point out that two grown ass men knew more about cooking ham than I did and I think it’s hilarious/awesome) freaked out and told me I was going to break the thermometer by doing that (I didn’t). I told them the recipe on the internet told me to do it. So there. Anyways, we took it out just in case and I stuck it back in when the ham was done. Everyone said it tasted good, and I think they really meant it.

It was so great having both of our families here. I don’t think I stopped smiling til everyone was out the door. That might have been because of my wine goblet and all the chocolate. But whatever.

Both Matt’s mom and my mom did major clean up duty, which was so nice of them. I never realized how much money/time/effort/etc. goes into hosting a holiday. So, thanks Grandma, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Susan, Mom, Karin, Dorothy, and Leandra for hosting every holiday I’ve ever been to.

Here are some pics from the day

decorations.. thanks Dollar Tree for keepin it festive.

decorations.. thanks Dollar Tree for keepin it festive.


Top Left, going clockwise: The kiddo’s Easter basket, My Easter basket to Matthew, Matthew’s Easter basket to me, and my Easter basket to myself. My mom also got me a great basket, but I didn’t take a picture.


me and my wonderful mom and dad


me and my awesome Easter co-host!

How was your Easter? Great, I hope! Leave me a comment & let me know.

He Whisked Me Away For the Weekend

I love surprises. I love adventure. I love traveling. So, when my boyfriend woke up Saturday morning and said he thought we should go to St. Louis for the day and night, I said YES!!! I cancelled my pedicure, packed my bag, and off we went.


It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We went to the St. Louis Science Center, Massa’s Italian restaurant, and the St. Louis City Museum.

The entrance of the Science Center

The entrance of the Science Center

Two of the funniest comments of the trip:
-We checked into the hotel and then went to dinner and Target to pick up contact solution (well, obviously if you’re being whisked away, you’re bound to forget something) and some breakfast food. In the parking lot, we told Matt’s daughter that we were going back to the hotel. She said “WHAT??!!! We get to go BACK to that place? YAY!!” I don’t know why, but in her little 3 year old mind, she had not made the connection that we were going to sleep at the hotel.

The outside of the City Museum

The outside of the City Museum

One of the many awesome slides at the City Museum

One of the many awesome slides at the City Museum

-We were watching TV in the room (which is a nice treat for us since we don’t have cable) and saw an ad for Justin Timberlake’s new songs. I said something about how I’d love to see him perform live. Matt said “Yeah. Me too. We’d both be throwing our panties onstage for that concert.” Which, is true.

Oh one more funny moment! We were in the City Museum which has a very intricate system of crawl spaces, caves, tree branch crawling area, and metal work to play in. Some of the spaces are teeny tiny and not quite right for adult humans to get through. Matt is 6’4″ and 200 lbs. His daughter is 3 years old, very spirited, and tiny. So, we were going through the spaces, and at one point, Matt was trying to get down this hole before Camryn. He was about halfway down and she was waiting to go, when she said “Ah, Actually I’m going to go this way,” and starts going in the other direction while Matt was squeezed into a hole. All he said was “Good to know,” quickly pulled himself out, and went after her. Maybe you had to have been there, but it was funny! I promise.

Thanks, Matthew!


Outfit of the Day #5

This outfit is from quite a while ago. I wore it on a snow day for both Matthew and I. We decided to dress up a bit (cuz why not?) and go shopping! We finished the excursion with pizza. 🙂

The boots are Steve Madden. // The pants are Calvin Klein (but from TJ Maxx) // The top is Gap // The cardigan is Old Navy // The earrings are Express // The necklace is from this Etsy shop.


Happy Friday!

I think it’s safe to say that this was a long, strange week.

First of all, last week was only a two and a half day week, thanks to President’s Day and a day and a half of snow days. THEN, this week, I had school on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday, which made Wednesday feel like Monday again. Rough life (totally kidding, cuz.. snow day!)

Of course I am happy that it is Friday. I live for weekends. There’s something so lovely and nice about two full days with no obligations that I like. I can go at my own pace and relax, or do fun things, or catch up on chores without feeling rushed.

This weekend I was supposed to go to a fundraiser comedy show for the local Crisis Center. Buuut, my honey got sick so instead I just ate a lot of ice cream (what? he needed some for his throat. Obvi that means I need some, too). I think my plans for the rest of tonight are to:
– finish laundry
– eat popcorn
– read/finish my book

Tomorrow I’m going to visit my pretty friend, Katie. Britta will be there, too. We’re going to make Pinterest crafts, enjoy a looong, boozy dinner (should we get sushi or Mexican? We’re undecided) and end the night chit chatting at a martini bar.

I can’t wait!

What are your weekend plans?

Tra la la! Valentine’s Day!!!

I love Valentine’s Day. Always have, always will. (Actually, I love ALL holidays and find any reason to celebrate anything. I’m not joking. Next Friday is “Wear Your Cowboy Boots To School” in my classroom because we are reading a nonfiction text about cowboys).

How can you hate on a holiday devoted to love, pink, jewelry, flowers, and chocolate?

EVEN if you’re single, you have a totally legitimate excuse to binge on ice cream and alcohol. Together. If you’re in a relationship, you have a day in which your significant other is required can’t wait to shower you with love and adoration.

Last year, Matthew surprised me with flowers delivered to work and I surprised him with a super fancy bottle of brandy. 

This year I don’t think he’s going to get me anything ON Valentine’s Day because this weekend we’re going to St. Louis. I did tell him he had to write me a love note. I’ll let you know if he follows my directions, but don’t get your hopes up.

I am super freaking excited though, BECAUSE I’m going ALL OUT this year! I have 14 presents to give him throughout the day.

I’m going to give him a card (#1) and #2 (Ninja Turtle boxers, because girls aren’t the only ones who should feel sexy) while he’s still in bed when I give him a good-bye smooch on my way to work. #3 and #4 (cinnamon rolls and grape juice) will be waiting on the counter along with #5 and #6 (inappropriate). #7 and #8 (inside jokes between us) will be waiting on his car seat. #9 will be a cute text sent to him on my lunch break. #10 and #11 (also inside jokes) will be given to him right when I get home. #12 (a picture of me and him along with a pic of him and his 3yo daughter) will be later at night. #13 (chocolate) will be after dinner. #14 (a video game) will be last. I am SO EXCITED! I love giving presents. 

Here’s what they look like all wrapped up:




Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Hope it’s great!